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ATTENTION: NOTHING Is EVER Going To Work For You Without The Proper Mindset...

"Are You Ready To Discover The Power House Marketer In YOU By Unleashing The Power Of The Proper Mindset?"

It Starts With One Step In The Right Direction, And Right Now... You're Getting Warmer! 

From: Chuck Bartok 

Dear Future Business Partner,

Tired of all the hype associated with over night success and fast cash windfalls?   I was too, and after over 40 years of direct mail and sales experience when I first came online, I must admit I was VERY overwhelmed. I knew I couldn't have been the only one!

"I was truly overwhelmed at first, but..."

What I soon found out was that I wasn't alone in this.  Although what kept me apart from the rest and later sent me soaring above the ranks was one thing that I brought with me out of my offline experience...

The right mindset and my lessons from Charles Hannel's 'The Master Key" and "Think And Grow Rich".  The correct mindset helped me put myself on course and chart my path and with that plan I attacked strategically.

What do I like most about Beginners Marketing Class?? Without a doubt it is the helpful community of people that make up Beginners Marketing Class. I found out, I'm not the only that doesn't know everything.

However, through the forum, the mastermind calls, the recorded calls and the other resources I am learning those key nuggets of information I needed to take my business (and myself) to the next level.

I feel so fortunate to have found Beginners Marketing Class and am so glad I made the decision to become a lifetime member in this wonderful, sharing community.

All the Best,

Mark Nehs, Owner of

You can do this too, and with my flagship program "Beginners Market Class" my team of associates and myself provide you the tools your mind needs for success!

"We Provide You The Tools Your Mind Needs For Success"

I have also built a community of like minded associates and partners with many different online and offline business backgrounds, when you join "" you become apart of this community yourself.  That alone is priceless and has helped launch the dreams of many already. 

We Currently Offer 3 Membership Opportunities: 

 30 Day Trial Member ($9.95 One Time, 30 Days of Access) 

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  • Chapter 1 of Provision Your Ship, How to change your Mindset, write your Business Plan and set Budgets

  • 30 days Access to The Forum

  • FREE Copies of Think & Grow Rich, The Master Key, How to make Friends and Influence People

  • "How They Got There" Audios By Mike Hill, John Guanzon and more added monthly

  • A PDF Everyone Needs - "Save on Your Taxes"

  • Planning 2008 Work Sheets 

Monthly Crew Member ($29.95 Monthly Subscription)

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Get every thing in the 30 day trial plus:
  • Volume 1 of Provision Your Ship, Beginners Marketing Class , and subsequent Volumes (5 Volumes anticipated. ($197 Value)
  • Full Access to a VERY active Forum covering all areas of Business Implementation and Growth.
    ask & ye shall receive
  • Exciting and Informative Audio Interviews on the "How To" and "How I Turned it around" from many leaders in the Marketing Industry: Mike Paetzold, Robert Blackman, Mike Hill, John Guanzon, Chris Zavadowski, Soren Jordansen, Josh Peak
  • FREE Access to 24/7 Conference Room ($49/month Value)
  • Access to Private Weekly Open MIKE Talk SHOW (with archived episodes)

Lifetime Member (One Time Fee $260)

*Earn 35% Commission on Referrals

Get Everything Listed Above INCLUDING:
  • Rebrandable Volumes of Beginners Marketing Class:
  • Free Copies of Subsequent Audio Books by Chuck
  • FREE Copy of E-Business Business Plan Complete by Bogdan Fiedur ($97 Value)
  • Access to host sessions in the Conference Room for you and Your associates.
  • 50% reduction on Advertising rates within the site and Forum.
  • Opportunity to Market Personally Created Products to the Membership at a Discount.
  • Personal Coaching with Chuck Bartok by appointment. 1 hour a month for 18 months. ($1800 Value)

As you can see what I am offering you above is a wealth of knowledge that can help you chart your course and map out your own success.  Putting a price on it was one of the hardest things I could have ever done, as the information given in just the 30 day trial alone is priceless.

 Although there being a price is all part of the grand design! I am only interested in individuals who understand that in order to build their business and see growth they must invest in themselves and their business.  You will not find any "freebies" here, only quality content, products, advice, and resources that will help you build success online or offline.

If you fit that bill, then please join us today, we will be waiting:. To Get started simply click the join link below and make your decision on what membership type you would like to start out with:

The Skipper, 
Chuck Bartok

P.S. If you haven't found success yet, this may be the missing link you've been looking for!  Let us throw out the life line to you today.  Join us and find success.